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NOTE: All uniforms must be monogrammed with Matthews Martial Arts to compete. (see Sifu Monica Morse for details)


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Which tournaments offer A.O.K. points?

Only registered A.O.K. tournaments listed on website are sanctioned and qualified to give A.O.K. points.


What is meant by single, double or triple points?

Registered A.O.K. tournaments are ranked by tenure and must meet strict qualifications to obtain their ratings.

The following A.O.K. tabulation points shall be awarded to the first (1st); second (2nd); and two third (3rd) place winners in each division:

  • “C” rated: 1st Place = 4 points / 2nd Place = 3 points / 3rd Place = 2 points
  • “B” rated: 1st Place = 8 points / 2nd Place = 6 points / 3rd Place = 4 points
  • “A” rated: 1st Place = 12 points / 2nd Place = 9 points / 3rd Place = 6 points

What is done with my points?

The A.O.K. Results Sheets that are filled out when a division is finished is sent to the A.O.K. Tabulator. 

The A.O.K. Tabulator then records all competitor points for each A.O.K. tournament into a database. 

Each quarter, that database is uploaded to the A.O.K. website so that competitors and instructors may keep track of their rankings and to verify their points are correct.


What happens to already acquired points if a competitor goes up in rank or age?

If a competitor goes up in rank or age during the calendar year, they will not lose the points they already have acquired.

When the number of points a competitor has in the more advanced division equals the points obtained in the lower division,
then the lower division points are added to the newer division.

If the competitor does not equal the points of the lower division, then all points will be added to the lower division points for the State Championships.

For example; A Beginner has 42 points in sparring, then advances to the Intermediate division. In Intermediate they only win 12 points during the rest of the year.
This would give the competitor 54 points, (in the Beginner division), to go towards State. However, if they won an equal (42) number of points in Intermediate,
then they have 84 points, (in the Intermediate division), to go towards State.

The same formula applies to advancing in another age division.


How often are the points updated on the A.O.K. website?

Ratings are only for the quarter in which the tournaments are finished.

Ratings are NOT updated on a weekly basis!

The points are updated “after” the end of each quarter.

Producers have 10 days to turn their tournament results in to the Tabulator, then the tabulator has to transfer the results to a computer.

Please be patient at the end of each quarter because time is needed to record the points and upload the results to the internet.

1st quarter = Jan/Feb/Mar

2nd quarter = Apr/May/June

3rd quarter = July/Aug/Sept

4th quarter = Oct/Nov


What happens if a competitor acquires points in more than one region?

Points accumulate in only the region in which they are won.

Therefore, a competitor has the chance to be rated in more than one region.

If one is rated in more than one division then that is taken into account when the fighting or kata placement is compiled at the State Championships.

Persons who are rated in more regions may be placed in a better seed within their ranking by using their highest see earned.


What if a competitor thinks their “posted” points are wrong on the A.O.K. site?

If you see corrections that need to be made, please send corrections to the A.O.K. Tabulator.

DO NOT SEND CORRECTIONS TO DIRECTLY TO MS. EDWARDS OR USE THE A.O.K. SECRETARY LINK !! To do so might mean your corrections will not be recorded.


How can a competitor qualify for the A.O.K. State Championships?

To qualify for the A.O.K. State Championships, one must be ranked in the top 5 for their division in ANY A.O.K. region.

That is, one may live in the North region and qualify for State in the Central region or in all 3 regions if applicable.

Only the top 5 places qualify for the A.O.K. State Championships! Places 6-10 are in Italic print on the A.O.K. website rankings.


Can a competitor compete in both kata and sparring at “State” if they only qualify for one or the other division?

No. A competitor can only compete at the State Tournament in the division / divisions where they have obtained the most points. The A.O.K. does not allow “wildcards”.


A website, other than the A.O.K. website, has my points wrong. What do I do? is the only official website for the A.O.K., recognized and maintained by the A.O.K. Executive Board.

The ratings here are the only ones that are “officially” up to date.

Do not be mislead by other websites claiming to be the official A.O.K. site and have the up to date ratings with competitor information.

The A.O.K. cannot be held responsible for information provided by any other website.


How many years may a competitor compete in the beginner division?

A competitor may compete in a beginning division for only one calendar year in the A.O.K.

After competing for one year in A.O.K. tournaments, the competitor must compete in the intermediate divisions, regardless if the competitor has tested for an intermediate rank.


What if a competitor changes style or martial arts system?

A competitor must compete at the highest level of rank held in any martial arts system, (which involves striking or kicking), if that rank is different than that currently held.


What if a competitor wants to compete in a higher or lower division than their age or belt rank?

A competitor must compete in the appropriate age, rank, and weight division unless written permission to change divisions is obtained from the A.O.K. Executive Committee prior to the first tournament of the year and presented upon registration.


What is the Frequent Competitor numbering system?

The Frequent Competitor registration is a system of assigning a number to each registered competitor to facilitate filling out A.O.K. Results Sheets at tournaments.

If one places in any A.O.K. tournament, it is no longer necessary to fill out the address, phone number or instructor.

All placing “Frequent Competition” competitors are required to fill in their name and “Frequent Competitor” number.

One must continue to fill in all the information until one is notified and has received an “official” number from the tabulator.

That is, unless belt rank, address, phone, or email changes during the year. Then, it is IMPERATIVE to contact the A.O.K. Tabulator so you can receive any important updates and invitations to A.O.K. functions.

Best of all, the Frequent Competitor registration is FREE.


How does a competitor qualify for the Golden Greek award?

The Golden Greek Award shall be given to the competitors in the following categories who have scored the most A.O.K. points in sparring and one kata division,
and who held the rank of black belt by the first tournament on the A.O.K. calendar of the year in which those points are earned.

The competitor shall announce at the first of the year that they will be competing for the Golden Greek award, so the official tabulator will be able to keep records of their points.

The competitors will be required to compete outside his / her region in most of the A.O.K. sanctioned tournaments:

  1. All around Male Black Belt
  2. All around Female Black Belt
  3. All around Executive Black Belt Man ( 35 & over)
  4. All around Executive Black Belt Woman (32 & over)
  5. All around Junior Male Black Belt (17 & under, with the majority of points scored in junior category)
  6. All around Junior Female Black Belt (same as above)


Do I need to renew my Frequent Competitor number each year?

No, your Frequent Competitor number is unique to you and never needs to be changed. However, if you change phone number or address or other important information, please update the database, which can be done on the Frequent Competitor information page.


How does a competitor qualify for the Black Belt Rookie of the Year award?

The competitors who have obtained the rank of black belt after the last tournament of the previous year, or has turned eighteen as a black belt during the calendar year, and have the most points credited to the black belt categories for sparring and one kata division in the following calendar year, in each region.

A Rookie Registration form must be filled out completely and turned in no later than the beginning of the 4th quarter if one plans on running for the Rookie of the Year award.


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